Accelerate your Marketing! Integrate Your Prospect & Client Info into a CRM

Keeping track of all the customer info is a major pain point for most businesses. Let’s discuss how to accelerate your marketing using a CRM

For every small business, customers are much more than just a list of names connected to previous sales. Loyal customers are extremely valuable because they will bring you recurring sales and referrals. Each of them is a valued contributor to your company’s growth. Hence, their information should be treated with utmost care.

Keeping track of every prospect/customer and their details without a CRM can be a major pain point for most businesses.

Being a marketer, you might be using a bunch of tools like virtual documents, spreadsheets, tracking apps etc. to run your marketing campaigns & monitor the progress.

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Challenges of Doing Business, Without a CRM

Every business is prone to hurdles. The sooner you take it to your stride & move on, better for your business. Surprisingly, most of the businesses don’t realize that a CRM solution could be of great help in such situations. It’s not that a CRM will solve all your problems and your company won’t face them in the future. Rather, it can eliminate a lot of those challenges and make it easier for you to face them in the future as you grow.

A report says, businesses that implement a CRM can not only increase sales by 29%, but they’re more likely to improve sales productivity and forecast accuracy. Here’s a list of the most common challenges that businesses face without a CRM

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How Lead Management using a CRM, Increases Sales

Leads are the life & blood of any business. They need nurturing and guidance at every step to become sales-ready. But is it possible to give full attention to every lead? Not exactly! What’s next? Lead management using CRM is the right solution.

Leads are potential customers who may or have shown an interest in your product but haven’t made a purchase yet. Whether you’re starting a business or running a well-established firm, you always prefer having a handful of leads.

But just gathering leads is never enough. Leads always require guidance and nudging until they become sales-ready. Let’s talk about how lead management impacts sales revenue and what are the benefits of managing leads within a CRM.

What is Lead Management?

Lead management is the process of guiding, nurturing and following up with leads to make them ready for the purchase. 

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Evolution of Customer Service into Customer Relationship

In the era of technology & big data, marketers must go one extra mile & shift their focus from ‘brand building’towards ‘buildingcustomer relationships’.

In today’s modern world of business, more than the product or its price… what matters most is the customer experience. The better you treat your customers; the better is your brand loyalty.

To beat the competition, you need to go beyond expectations and deliver a greater experience to your customers. 

Many marketers still believe mass communication to be the key to brand building. However, in the era of technology & big data, marketers must go one extra mile & shift their focus from brand building ‘towards building customer relationships.  

What is Customer Service?

In simple terms, Customer Service is the interactions that a company has with its customers, via email or phone or through traditional channels. It’s the support you offer your customers before and after they use or purchase your products. If you want to keep your customers satisfied and grow your business, offering good customer service is vital.

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4 Signs that Your CRM Software Needs a Reboot

Back in the days, you took a CRM & it was doing the job pretty well. With time, things changed & your business changed a fair bit too. Unfortunately, the CRM software didn’t advance & is still what it was years back; numerous lacks, limitations, drawbacks that are holding back your business from realizing its true potential.

Take my word, it’s time to move on!

Here are 4 signs that say your CRM system needs a reboot. It’s not rocket science; just a few warning bells:

#1. Feature Limitations & Outdated Core:

It’s no secret that technology moves rapidly and you’d want to ensure you’re up to date with everything new. Working with outdated software can create a host of issues including the inability to adapt to current market standards, setbacks with customer service, wastage of time and much more.

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Common Misconceptions about a CRM

For many business owners, implementing a CRM seems daunting and intriguing. Let’s discuss 3 common misconceptions that business owners make about a CRM.

“We’ve gone through the CRM technology in the past, but we finally decided to stick to our existing process.”

Sounds casual?

For many business owners, implementing a CRM seems both daunting and intriguing. On one side, there is no shortage of CRM success stories and on the other side, a poorly implemented system could mean disaster to your business. Let’s talk about 3 common assumptions that business owners make about CRM and why they’re usually mistaken!

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Top 4 CRM Trends for the Year 2019

Marketing is evolving rapidly, so are the strategies that marketers use to engage with customers or prospects. You have to stay ahead of these emerging marketing trends to remain relevant in your respective industry.

And for this, we can largely thank the mobile technology and cloud revolution.

As the importance of CRM increases day-by-day; lots of exciting things are happening in this domain. Here are 4 biggest CRM trends for this year

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