How can Managers Help their Teams with Sales Stress?

If you’re into sales, you know it’s a high-pressure job. Almost every sales team constantly works under a significant amount of pressure. Every time a goal is set for the team or any individual, stress is triggered in some way or the other. Contrary to popular belief, stress can actually work both ways… positive & negative. When taken in your stride, it can really push you to fulfill your full potential. On the other hand… frequent stress may also result in frustration amongst the employees.

As a team manager, it’s your responsibility to make sure your team remains stress-free. Here are a few steps you can take in this regard:

Set Realistic but Challenging Goals

It’s always wise to analyze factors such as earlier sales stats, market competition, current trends etc. before setting up a target for your sales folks. They should be challenged to push themselves & yet feel they can achieve the goal. Missed targets create a dent in the team’s confidence. Breaking the long term target/goal into smaller weekly or monthly targets is another good step towards making your team feel comfortable.

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3 Customer Service Trends Driving Success in 2019

The basic goal of keeping customers satisfied has always been at the heart of Customer Services. Back in the days, it meant taking occasional phone calls from an upset customer & assuring them of resolving their issues. Things aren’t the same in the modern days.

The biggest change in customer service is the sheer number of channels through which people can contact your business. Instead of just phone calls and emails, customers can now reach you via social media, video call, text message, or even live chat.

The rate at which it’s been accepted across the corporate world, you can’t simply overlook it. It’s no more an option to update your skills and use the latest tools and technology in order to provide the best customer service to the customers. You’ve got to stay in the game! Here are a few customer service trends that I think will rule this year & beyond

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Accelerate your Marketing! Integrate Your Prospect & Client Info into a CRM

Keeping track of all the customer info is a major pain point for most businesses. Let’s discuss how to accelerate your marketing using a CRM

For every small business, customers are much more than just a list of names connected to previous sales. Loyal customers are extremely valuable because they will bring you recurring sales and referrals. Each of them is a valued contributor to your company’s growth. Hence, their information should be treated with utmost care.

Keeping track of every prospect/customer and their details without a CRM can be a major pain point for most businesses.

Being a marketer, you might be using a bunch of tools like virtual documents, spreadsheets, tracking apps etc. to run your marketing campaigns & monitor the progress.

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8 Points towards Better Sales Negotiations

We negotiate everyday with our family, friends, our bosses & as sales folks certainly with our customers. Here are 8 points to be better at negotiations.

We negotiate every day at every point in our lives; with our family members, with our friends, our pets, our bosses & as sales folks… certainly with our customers. It’s a skill we just can’t live without. Some people are good at it, some struggle…

Here are my 8 points to consider, if you wish to get better at negotiations:

1. Start at the Right Time

The golden rule of negotiation is “Don’t start it yourself”. But it’s unavoidable if you’re into selling a service or software. Negotiations will pop-up at some point of time.

Starting the negotiations talking about pricing or contracts isn’t always wise. Very early in the conversation, set the tone…. If you want to get some, give some. That they will get exactly what they pay for; nothing more or less. Timing the negotiations is key. Start it early or too late, your chances of closing the deal get slim. Do the homework on the prospect, gather as much info on him as you can, & just go with the flow. The moment your prospect seems ready, break the ice.

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6 Points to Create a Winning Sales Pitch

It is the cold that is dead, NOT the calling“, once said Trish Bertuzzi…a famous sales guru & business head. And I couldn’t agree more!

Cold calling has almost become a thing of the past… hardly effective. Warm calling is the way forward in today’s hyper-competitive market. And to do warm calling, you need to do thorough homework on your customers & follow up with them on regular intervals.

Hence, you need a proper well-defined sales pitch strategy to reach out, engage & connect with the prospects/customers.

Let’s talk about 6 important points you should consider while preparing your sales pitch strategy

Ideal Customer Persona

The first step is to analyze & prepare an ideal customer persona for your business. It will go a long way in giving you clarity on who you should target, which industry & how to reach out to them effectively. Please note that your sales pitch strategy will always vary as per different parameters such as industry, market size & competition etc. If you’re dealing with a manager, you have to plan your emails & calls in equal numbers. Whereas, if it’s a CXO level guy… you have to focus more on personalized emails rather than ringing his phone

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Common Sales Process to Get the Best out of Wakeupsales CRM

A CRM helps maintain your customer relationships & grow your business. Coming onboard of Wakeupsales CRM can really help you to do it in a better/easier way.

We all know… sales are the most important thing for any business. Whether it’s a product or a service offering, there is always a customer who pays for these. That’s how businesses run. A CRM helps maintain your customer relationships & grow your business. Coming onboard of Wakeupsales CRM can really help you to do it in a better/easier way.

What is Wakeupsales CRM?

Wakeupsales CRM is a Customer Relationship Management app on the cloud, that helps manage your prospects & current customers; thus growing your business. It also helps you to create & manage activities based on new opportunities around your customers or new prospects. You can manage your opportunity from start to closure in an organized manner.

Wakeupsales CRM: Core Features

Learning how to use Wakeupsales will be much easier once you understand how it’s organized. Here are the core features of Wakeupslaes Cloud CRM which help increase your productivity:


A sales dashboard is the section where all of your sales data are displayed in a simper visual overview. This gives you the ability to identify the areas where your assistance is needed the most. This also helps managers to provide sales reps with the coaching and sales tips they need to succeed.

  • Upcoming activities
  • Sales pipeline by stages
  • Sales pipeline by sales reps
  • Key opportunities
  • Won vs Open opportunities


In this section, all the opportunities which are being nurtured are listed. The list view allows you to customize which field you want to see. The opportunities can also be displayed in a sales pipeline view which helps you to handle them at different stages at any time. The sequence of each stage allows you to visually check which opportunities are in the process. You can quickly view the details of an opportunity and view the associated activities along with its total value. 

An opportunity must have a contact associated with it. You can also add multiple contacts to an opportunity.


This section allows you to manage the people with whom you do business. Each opportunity must be related to one or many contacts. A contact can also be associated with an organization. You can add basic information such as name, email and contact numbers. You can also add more information to a contact in the contact details page. 

You can also create and organize the tasks & notes for a contact in the contact detail page.


This is where all the organizations are listed with whom you do business. Organizations are especially helpful if you speak with multiple people from the same business.

8 CRM Implementation Mistakes to Avoid

A smartly implemented CRM helps streamline your sales pipeline, improve efficiency, boost your customer satisfaction ratings & build a long-lasting relationship with your customers… eventually resulting in more sales. Having a CRM also makes sure, you figure out who your valuable customers are & you have enough data to acquire more such customers over time.

However, implementing a CRM hasn’t always turned out to be game-changing for all businesses. A lot of factors need to be taken into account before you take the plunge. One wrong step could result in things going worse than before.

Here are some mistakes that may result in CRM failure:

1. No Leadership

Senior management should always be the trendsetters in using a CRM & show others the way. It’s their job to set the strategies right, coach their teams & get the best out of the CRM. Passing a new CRM over directly to the middle management without any supervision is a recipe for disaster.

2. Lack of Goals

Clearly defined goals are the foundations of choosing & implementing a CRM. Without goals, it’s tough for you to get the desired outcomes from your CRM project. It’s always recommended to list down all your goals before you start looking out for a CRM. Clarity is key!

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How to Make the Most Out of Your Customer Data

In order to succeed in business, you need to go beyond just selling products & services; you have to build and nurture good relationships with your customers. Thanks to technology, there are plenty of ways you can learn about your customers, their needs, and regularly engage with them. Because customer data is the biggest key to business success!

Every organization talks about the importance of big data. But most of them don’t put that data to good use or they don’t know how to. 

Proper management of customer data isn’t always challenging. With a little planning, your sales team can manage data smartly without losing or compromising any valuable information.   

Here are 3 simple yet powerful ways you can effectively manage your customer data:

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